Monday, November 22, 2010

music review...

Today I had a friend / business associate call me with terrible frustration about finding talented artists for project due to 1) TOTAL lack of talent 2) what seems to be similar to (if not so) being tone deaf 3) rhymically challenged. In other words, some of these rappers are being misled into a career path they should NOT travel. So I told him to take a look through my email for material and fortunately he was able to find great talent floating around in my email inbox.
MORAL OF THE STORY? There really isnt one, I just wanted to vent about some of the terrible music people submit.

But I do have a question... How... Why... Who... ummm, how do I say this.... (jeopardy music playing) ok, I got it.
How does a rapper get from writing a rhyme, recording it, having it mixed/mastered, and then actually submitting to to people without SOMEONE telling them that its worse than having a brand new car w/ a Bose system and no speakers... IT SUCKS AND IS POINTLESS!!!!
Why doesnt someone say "Nah, why dont you try something different" I'm not saying crush their dreams, but dammit why should people such as my collegue and myself go through the torture of listening to their music and then be forced to push them into counseling suggesting some form of music therapy?
And lastly, WHO is supposed to pick up the pieces once this rapper has been enlightened???? (shameless plug is coming)
The Commission of Independent Artists!!!
Awww, c'mon, I'm not gonna belly ache about a problem and NOT have an answer... that would be a waste of time... smh at you silly readers.

Go to my site www.HoneyManagement.NET (<-click this to go there) and check out what The Commission is about and tomorrow I will go into depth about why artists can enhance and prosper from my knowledge, network, passion for music a willingness to help others can help #IndieMusic become the NEW MAJOR

Gnite and #StaySweet

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  1. I agree because 1. My email is flooded with what COULD be talented pol if they Are told the truth early on, 2. Its true! Ill just say stop letting your "pops" waste their time if the talent isn't genuinely there. You can't create passion.