Friday, February 25, 2011


Some people have the ability to overcome any obstacle sent their way, rap artist B.I Bang has proven to be one of those people. Born Kerwin Williams in Jersey City NJ, B.I has lost 2 sisters a father and is a living testimony of heart and determination.

The youngest child of 9, father a Black Seal Mechanic worked very long hours everyday of his life. This is where the work ethic B.I has taken on comes from. Mom was a stay at home mother raising 6 sons gave B.I the spiritual up bringing that many kids in the inner city lacked.

In school B.I was a standout student always getting good grades and played sports. Always the creative writer with an imagination the was shown in school plays and church plays. Sports was great to B.I receiving a partial scholarship to Delaware State University where he met artist Sha Stimuli, and Editor of XXL Bonsu Thompson, while in college B.I had a reputation as an enforcer known for knocking people out in fights.

After college B.I began selling and transporting drugs for local gang Deuce Life and that's where he begun to spit bars in public after seeing his college peers had a huge love for it. An old high school friend Shy Money formally of Dream Team invited B.I to the studio now the urban legend begins this was in 2005.
Sadly Shy Money sick and couldn't record so B.I was introduce to an up and coming engineer Gorilla Dee of 240 Ent. This is where He recorded his first ever mixtape" The Whole Fucking Show" instant classic on the streets of Jersey City which was followed by "The After Party" recorded at Marvel Studios hosted by Megatron of Hot 97 and 106 and Park.

Then introduced to Regg Roc suddenly B.I was put to the test amongst NYC top rap artist at Don Hills on an late Spring night.With people like Remo da Rap Star and Joell Ortiz in the building with Don Demarco spinning. B.I out blew away the
2007 NYC Sucka Free Crowd and also made appearances on Shade 45 G-Unit Radio and Desert Storm Shit Like That Radio. What was suppose to be a coming out party for B.I on Shade 45 was the total opposite he suffered a mild stroke on air with millions listening. Sidelined from the hiphop scene during the same year B.I lost his father.

On an emotional rollercoaster B.I used his pen and paper to express his feelings into song. Which caught the eye of Khemba Matlock of StreetsD who signed B.I to StreetD in charge of managing and promotions. Also B.I signed the young up and coming Publicist Kornecia Antoine.

Cold Killa
ft. Soul Relle
starring La Femme Nikita

Now back with vengeance a laid back aggressive flow and witty hooks B.I Bang is on verge of becoming an elite artist. 2010 has proved to be a bounce back year, with an appearance on Hate Money Radio and Break Thru Radio.

Now working with King Malik at Da Furnance Ent, this has given B.I the sound he has been looking for. Stay tuned as the road B.I is on will lead him up the charts be sure to join him on this ride.




Friday, February 18, 2011

Street Vinyl Music - Presents "The Beats"

Hey people!!!

Guess what I have for YOU!?

My associates over at Street Vinyl Music offer this to those artists that are SERIOUS. Yep, emcees or singers alike. Take a gander and tell me that this sh!t right here.... ah, man... yeh, uh huh... I will say you'r welcome now ;)

Any questions, feel free to hit SVM up and I will holla at y'all soon.

The Beats is an instrumental compilation of 15 Hip Hop and R&B tracks produced by the Street Vinyl Music team. This is our way of supporting independent artists for getting up every day and grinding hard! Each track can be downloaded for $.99 or the entire album for $9.99.

We as producers, managers, agents, DJs, writers, and artists know how tough that road to stardom can be! Long nights at the studio, passing out samples at concerts, kicking down doors and being escorted out by security. This project is for those that refuse to take no for an answer.

Our submission mailbox is constantly filled with music from indie artists wanting to make it big in the music industry or are just looking for a break. Most of them cant afford our standard rates and don't have the resources to make it happen on their own. In most cases we refer them to managers or coaches to help them get prepared and ready for battle. In conjunction with your guidance and leadership, we will be able to give them what they need to take their careers to the next level.

We’re making it easier for indie artists get quality production for less than a cup of coffee. Artists will be able to use these tracks for mixtapes, demos and various other projects. If they like the samples, they can download and start writing. We can't make it any easier that that! No gimmicks! No Tricks! Feel free to forward this link to any artists you think could benefit from this project.


Writers will be able to use the tracks as well. Especially if they are having trouble being inspired, this project should come in quite handy. Sometimes all it takes is the right instrumental track to get the creative juices flowing again.

Please feel free to contact me if there are questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your time and dedication.



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