Friday, February 18, 2011

Street Vinyl Music - Presents "The Beats"

Hey people!!!

Guess what I have for YOU!?

My associates over at Street Vinyl Music offer this to those artists that are SERIOUS. Yep, emcees or singers alike. Take a gander and tell me that this sh!t right here.... ah, man... yeh, uh huh... I will say you'r welcome now ;)

Any questions, feel free to hit SVM up and I will holla at y'all soon.

The Beats is an instrumental compilation of 15 Hip Hop and R&B tracks produced by the Street Vinyl Music team. This is our way of supporting independent artists for getting up every day and grinding hard! Each track can be downloaded for $.99 or the entire album for $9.99.

We as producers, managers, agents, DJs, writers, and artists know how tough that road to stardom can be! Long nights at the studio, passing out samples at concerts, kicking down doors and being escorted out by security. This project is for those that refuse to take no for an answer.

Our submission mailbox is constantly filled with music from indie artists wanting to make it big in the music industry or are just looking for a break. Most of them cant afford our standard rates and don't have the resources to make it happen on their own. In most cases we refer them to managers or coaches to help them get prepared and ready for battle. In conjunction with your guidance and leadership, we will be able to give them what they need to take their careers to the next level.

We’re making it easier for indie artists get quality production for less than a cup of coffee. Artists will be able to use these tracks for mixtapes, demos and various other projects. If they like the samples, they can download and start writing. We can't make it any easier that that! No gimmicks! No Tricks! Feel free to forward this link to any artists you think could benefit from this project.


Writers will be able to use the tracks as well. Especially if they are having trouble being inspired, this project should come in quite handy. Sometimes all it takes is the right instrumental track to get the creative juices flowing again.

Please feel free to contact me if there are questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your time and dedication.



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