Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Ming Leone"

I would like to introduce "Ming Leone", a beautiful person inside and out.

"Ming Leone" is interested in exposure through a variety of Small & Major Film & Video Projects. She is also interested in learning the Entertainment Business through working with other business-orientated people. Her long-term goals are to be a well respected and well known Actress/ Spokes Model/ Business Woman/ as well as a Mogul while touching most (if not all aspects) of the Entertainment Business.

With a keen knowledge of fashion and a good sense of hair-styling and make-up application, she is able to come to any project that she is assigned to "Camera Ready" at all times.

Height: 5’ 6
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Brown
Dress size: 8
Ethnicity: African American/Asian

Music Videos
"Throw it in the Bag” (Featured) -Fabolous
“It’s my Time” (Featured) -Fabolous
"It's Alright” (Featured) -Aviv Geffen
"I Love My Money 'Remix' " (Lead) -Pryme
"Show It Off" (Lead) -Breed
Promotional Modeling
Philadelphia "76'ers" Model -October 2009
Denver “Nugget’s Model -December 2009
Freedom Theatre- Acting/Dance (2000-2005)
John Robert Powers- Modeling/ Etiquette (1998-2000)
Wilimina Theatre- Acting (1995-1997)
-----> For booking contact <----- and follow her on twitter @MingLeone TUNE in to her LIVE interview on Politic with Permiss
Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 5pm

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Black Friday" Lil Kim reigns

Lil Kim, Queen Bee... How can you NOT respect her?

This dope ass female emcee has been around since the 90's and regardless to the rumors and allegations of who wrote her lyrics, she sold hella albums and her fan base was insane! Yes, I was and still am a Lil Kim fan... ALL DAY. Understand my reason why: Kim came out when the business was rediculously flooded w/ male emcees and her music stood toe to toe w/ them. She was the voice of females who knew the streets, were the streets, ran the streets and were nothing to play with. She had sex appeal and her image was that of her own. Yes, some say Kim mocked Marilyn Monroe's "style" but Kim never denied the comparison. Nicki, however, fails to see an uncanny likeness to Kim image 10 years before her time. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate Nicki. I give her props for seizing the opportunity to become a success at what she does but, the same people you see going up... you see coming down.

In my opinion, I really don't give a f@ck, who dresses like who or who is copying who's style because at the end of the day, Nicki's mgmt put her up to dressing like that. Why do I say that? Because she's wasn't rockin pink hair on the streets of Queens before she had music on the radio. Now what I DO care about is giving Kim the respect she deserves for paving the way as a female emcee... PERIOD. I think Nicki is being catty and childish for even letting this drag on this long. I'm glad Lil Kim DUG IN NICKI's ASS in the "Black Friday" song (see video) and I'm glad she dropped it on HOT 97 and I hope she does it again and again; just because Nicki needs to be force fed all the bars Kim has for her until she simply says thank you.

Let's reflect this, do you think Luda would have a problem thanking Kool Herc? Do you think Nas would have a problem thanking Big Daddy Kane? NO. It's protocol in any business you are in to say thank you to those that have passed the torch to you. It just is what it is.

Now, for all you grown ass men and women who are proud to call yourselves... Ken and Barbies <--(WTF???)still looking for role models read below and tell me REGARDLESS of all this "swagger jacking" nonsense does Kim deserve to be appreciated for her strides and accomplishments. After all, Nicki is just starting, Kim has already been there, done that.

Grammy Awards
1997: Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for "Ladies Night (Not Tonight remix)" (with Missy Elliott, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Da Brat, and Angie Martinez) (nominated)
2002: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Lady Marmalade" (WINNER)
2003: Best Female Rap Solo Performance for "Came Back for You" (nominated)
2003: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Can't Hold Us Down" (with Christina Aguilera) (nominated)
2003: Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for "Magic Stick" (with 50 Cent) (nominated)
2008: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Let It Go" (with Keyshia Cole & Missy Elliott, ) (nominated)
MTV Video Music Awards
1998: Viewer's Choice for "All About The Benjamins" (with P. Diddy and others)
2001: Video of the Year for "Lady Marmalade"
2001: Best Video from a Film for "Lady Marmalade"
My VH1 Awards
2001: Favorite Video ("Lady Marmalade")
2001: Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just My Video? ("Lady Marmalade")
Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards
1997: Best Video by a Female - Rap/R&B ("Crush On You")
1999: Best Video by a Female - Rap/R&B ("Not Tonight (remix)")
Source Awards
2003: Female Artist of the Year
2003: Female Single of the Year "The Jumpoff"
Teen Choice Awards
2001: Choice Song of the Summer ("Lady Marmalade")
MOBO Awards
2003: Most Stylish Artist of the Year
Radio Music Awards
2001: Song of the Year Top 40 Pop Radio-"Lady Marmalade"
TMF Awards-Belgium
2001: Video of The Year-"Lady Marmalade"
TMF Awards-Netherlands
2001: Video of The Year-"Lady Marmalade"
ALMA Awards
2002: Outstanding Song- Motion Picture Soundtrack "Lady Marmalade"
ASCAP Music Awards
2002: Song of the Year-"Lady Marmalade"
MTV Japan Awards
2002: Best Choreography "Lady Marmalade"
MVPA Video Awards
2002: Best Styling In A Video-"Lady Marmalade"
VIBE Awards
2005: Album of the Year The Naked Truth (nominated)
BET Awards
2006: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (nominated)
2008: Best Song "Let It Go" (nominated)
2010: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (nominated)
American Music Awards
2003: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist
2005: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (nominated)

I feel a lil better now that I have said my peace.
Brooklyn stand up... and real fans of hip hop follow Lil Kim on twitter...

I am Honey Management and I approve this message.

Day AFTER Thanksgiving

Good Morning people! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. One thing I noticed yesterday morning is the excessive traffic of spiritual blessings and by night fall, people were just as vulgar, horny and as obnoxious as could be. All I can do is smh because I take people as serious as the words they speak/type. So if you are prone to posting scriptures in the morning and by midday your posting that you "are too 'big' for the toilet" because you "touched the water a lil bit" and by night fall you asking "who got smoke" Im not gonna reach out to you, take you seriously or ever listen to your project.

In the midst of the social network holiday exchange of pleasantries, I saw a few people taking the opportunity to reach out to people regardless of it being a holiday. That, to me, was a good look. WHY? Because they weren't soliciting "Yo, I got this hot new CD on CD Baby" or "Come to the flyest Industry Party on the east coast", they were actually communicating w/ people and building relationships *KUDOS* if that was you. I also had a few DJs reach out to be on my #IndieMusic Distribution list (which is a select few per week), I thank the DJs for that.

That brings up to today, Black Friday and although the sales are fantastic, I refuse to go out in that foolishness <--(inside joke) So I am here, typing to you all and answering a flood of emails and The Commission inquiries. Dag, I did say we would discuss The Commission, didn't I? Well, in the meantime, its on www.HoneyManagement.NET and if you gimmie a few hours to take care of a few things, I'll get back to you all a lil bit later.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HM Radio Pre Thanksgiving

Heyyyyyyy people,
Thanks for logging in to my blog, 'ppreciate ya! I want y'all to log on tonight at 7pm to and tune into HM Radio (on the left hand side) for some of the HOTTEST #IndieMusic from all across the country. Tonight at 7pm I am also introducing a segment dedicated to spotlight producer tracks that have been submitted to me over the past week or so. It's called "Try it BEFORE you buy it" and the good thing about my segment is you are already tuned in at 7pm, so the tracks will just flow... at 7pm (annoyed yet? lmao)

So for all you artists and producers who have seen my claims online to be about helping the Indie artists... I stand behind my word.
Check THIS hot sh!t out a FREE mixtape, from Indie artists, tracked out, promoted and guess how much??? NOTHING, FREE, BUPKISS, NADA, NUNCA. Why? Because they took the initiative to find GOOD beats, write conscious lyrics, follow the structure of song composition, had it mixed/mastered PROPERLY and actually sent it to me PROPERLY LABELED in mp3 format to Not everyone in business is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Now don't get it twisted, everything I do isn't free, but from time to time it won't hurt to help someone... just because.

Anyhoo, now it's time for a word from my man, fiddy grand, my voice of reason when these FB rejects irritate the hell out of me with their sob stories and false delusions of... whatEVER. (DRUMROLL)

(Click this -->)Brooklyn's Finest DJ Smoove: "
...tomorrow after the usual feed the homeless flow I will be going in on the ones and 2's from 10am until 5 pm. So while your getting the grub ready log on to just make sure the macaroni's not soggy, the peas all mushed and the chicken taste like #oldschool

I will be going in with Hip-Hop, R n B, Reggae, Club, House, break beats, old school, new school and exclusives featuring my dude @ragazinosr , Staten Islands own Class Act (shout out to @pwillzNyc log on and vote ) Remixes by my man @tedsmooth and myself.

Its gonna be a movie, so log on and if you have the software record because you'll never hear another DJ with my flow...other DJ's can only rock one lane #pushbuttonDJ's (yeah I'm talking to you☞) but I've been going in since dudes were plugging into light poles at P.S. Whatever!

Again I'm going live 10am-5pm log online (click this link) make sure you log into the chat for all requests and shout outs

All new artist, producers and labels check out my Dbl R fam at we have fire on deck to assist you and guide you thru a room full of vultures

Hit me up if I have your tracks and u want them played (on twitter @bklynsdjsmoove) LET'S GO!!! "

Now... I'm about to get up outta here and see what twitter is up to, listen to some tracks and prep food for manana. I'll probably be back later, BUT TUNE IN TONIGHT 7PM... Indie tracks. Producer beats and ME!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

music review...

Today I had a friend / business associate call me with terrible frustration about finding talented artists for project due to 1) TOTAL lack of talent 2) what seems to be similar to (if not so) being tone deaf 3) rhymically challenged. In other words, some of these rappers are being misled into a career path they should NOT travel. So I told him to take a look through my email for material and fortunately he was able to find great talent floating around in my email inbox.
MORAL OF THE STORY? There really isnt one, I just wanted to vent about some of the terrible music people submit.

But I do have a question... How... Why... Who... ummm, how do I say this.... (jeopardy music playing) ok, I got it.
How does a rapper get from writing a rhyme, recording it, having it mixed/mastered, and then actually submitting to to people without SOMEONE telling them that its worse than having a brand new car w/ a Bose system and no speakers... IT SUCKS AND IS POINTLESS!!!!
Why doesnt someone say "Nah, why dont you try something different" I'm not saying crush their dreams, but dammit why should people such as my collegue and myself go through the torture of listening to their music and then be forced to push them into counseling suggesting some form of music therapy?
And lastly, WHO is supposed to pick up the pieces once this rapper has been enlightened???? (shameless plug is coming)
The Commission of Independent Artists!!!
Awww, c'mon, I'm not gonna belly ache about a problem and NOT have an answer... that would be a waste of time... smh at you silly readers.

Go to my site www.HoneyManagement.NET (<-click this to go there) and check out what The Commission is about and tomorrow I will go into depth about why artists can enhance and prosper from my knowledge, network, passion for music a willingness to help others can help #IndieMusic become the NEW MAJOR

Gnite and #StaySweet

Saturday, November 20, 2010

HM Radio volume 1

Today marks the day that I put out my 1st volume of HM Radio volume 1 (salute to I am oh so very excited! I can't wait to hear the artists' response when they hear the talent of the fellow artists on the project as well... I'm telling you, when I listen to it in my truck; from beginning to end I keep cranking it up... uP...Up...UP!!!
I also have to give HUGE shout out to Street Legal Studio (my office/home away from home) 2116 North Charles Street Baltimore,MD where I do everything music, my mix downs, mastering, duplication, thermal printing... you name it! Love ya Mark!
I ALSO have to give a shout out to everyone downloading HM Radio vol. 1, please feel free to give me feedback and please forward positive accolades to the artists & dope producers, I think they deserve it!

Maybe I'll hit y'all a lil later and tell you what happened last night.

#ShoutOut Dj Whitey and Will of Distinguished Men Entertainment Group

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Try it BEFORE you buy it!

Evening (cough*cough*)

Tonight show on HM Radio was good! Despite the technical difficulties, my PD picked up the ball and we ran to the homerun! Just kidding, touchdown.

During my show, I decided to play some producer tracks, just to let artists know what was out there and it was a success! I got inbox messages asking how can they hear more tracks! (YES!!! NETWORKING!!) So, I have decided to add a segment to HM Radio called "Try it BEFORE you buy it". I like the sound of that myself (Kanye shrug)

Anyhoo, Im about to take it down for the eve, I have a studio session to sit in on, on Friday, host vocals for a mixtape and HM Radio's (first of many) mixtape that drops this weekend, so I have a lot to do.

Indies, always ask if you dont know, and DONT take your homeboys advice on your music... they will lie as not to hurt your feelings. SHAMELESS plug, send it to me and I'll tell you the truth!

Sleep well and Stay Sweet

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day One

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Im gonna jump straight into the good stuff and let you all know that Permiss (of Grind Hard Radio and myself will be taking The Hip Hop Cypher

*DC edition*
December 4th 2pm-5pm

Immaculate You
4407 Southern Avenue
Capitol Heights,MD

LIVE on @WarriorDJs TV and no FEE to come and spit. I only ask 2 things of you; 1)that you bring your 'A' game with you and 2)leave your over inflated egos at home.

Today, I was a little under the weather and took the opportunity to review music --BLANK STARE-- Some of the submissions were TRASH. I mean NO rhythm, NO concept, production was HORRIBLE. If you think I'm being mean, please know that I forwarded it to another emcee, (although he's wayyyyyyy better)who laughed his ass off and a producer/CEO who called me and cursed me out for interupting his day with such rubbish. So I ask you, how dont these 'emcees' know that it's bad? Are they tone deaf? Are they sevants? (sp?) Inquiring minds wanna know.


I would like to incorporate more models on my site, so if you know any ladies looking for exposure, tell them to email pictures and contact info to me so I can put it up. SUBMITTOHONEY@GMAIL.COM

That's all I got for now. Never stop working at your craft and smile at someone who could use a pick me up.

Thanks and talk with you.... maybe tomorrow.

Baltimore Hip Hop Cypher at Cashland Clothing