Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HM Radio Pre Thanksgiving

Heyyyyyyy people,
Thanks for logging in to my blog, 'ppreciate ya! I want y'all to log on tonight at 7pm to and tune into HM Radio (on the left hand side) for some of the HOTTEST #IndieMusic from all across the country. Tonight at 7pm I am also introducing a segment dedicated to spotlight producer tracks that have been submitted to me over the past week or so. It's called "Try it BEFORE you buy it" and the good thing about my segment is you are already tuned in at 7pm, so the tracks will just flow... at 7pm (annoyed yet? lmao)

So for all you artists and producers who have seen my claims online to be about helping the Indie artists... I stand behind my word.
Check THIS hot sh!t out a FREE mixtape, from Indie artists, tracked out, promoted and guess how much??? NOTHING, FREE, BUPKISS, NADA, NUNCA. Why? Because they took the initiative to find GOOD beats, write conscious lyrics, follow the structure of song composition, had it mixed/mastered PROPERLY and actually sent it to me PROPERLY LABELED in mp3 format to Not everyone in business is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Now don't get it twisted, everything I do isn't free, but from time to time it won't hurt to help someone... just because.

Anyhoo, now it's time for a word from my man, fiddy grand, my voice of reason when these FB rejects irritate the hell out of me with their sob stories and false delusions of... whatEVER. (DRUMROLL)

(Click this -->)Brooklyn's Finest DJ Smoove: "
...tomorrow after the usual feed the homeless flow I will be going in on the ones and 2's from 10am until 5 pm. So while your getting the grub ready log on to just make sure the macaroni's not soggy, the peas all mushed and the chicken taste like #oldschool

I will be going in with Hip-Hop, R n B, Reggae, Club, House, break beats, old school, new school and exclusives featuring my dude @ragazinosr , Staten Islands own Class Act (shout out to @pwillzNyc log on and vote ) Remixes by my man @tedsmooth and myself.

Its gonna be a movie, so log on and if you have the software record because you'll never hear another DJ with my flow...other DJ's can only rock one lane #pushbuttonDJ's (yeah I'm talking to you☞) but I've been going in since dudes were plugging into light poles at P.S. Whatever!

Again I'm going live 10am-5pm log online (click this link) make sure you log into the chat for all requests and shout outs

All new artist, producers and labels check out my Dbl R fam at we have fire on deck to assist you and guide you thru a room full of vultures

Hit me up if I have your tracks and u want them played (on twitter @bklynsdjsmoove) LET'S GO!!! "

Now... I'm about to get up outta here and see what twitter is up to, listen to some tracks and prep food for manana. I'll probably be back later, BUT TUNE IN TONIGHT 7PM... Indie tracks. Producer beats and ME!!


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