Why is Honey so sweet?...

In the spring of 2009, the Baltimore/Internet based entertainment powerhouse, Honey Management was established. A company covering every aspect of the entertainment industry possible from promotions, image and career consulting, artist development, management to event coordinating and more. A company of this magnitude was naturally the next step for its founder, Miss Honey herself. This New York native has that “New York State of Mind” running through her veins. A go-getter from an early age with paper routes, baby sitting jobs and a personal shopper in elementary school grew into a junior high student with her own line of custom hand painted book bags and denims. Unlike many of the other high school students, not only did Miss Honey take many college level courses, but the entrepreneurial spirit in her also pushed her to branch off and begin hosting and promoting events in the South Bronx of New York City in 1999. Shortly thereafter Miss Honey tried her hand at artist management and executive production.

In 2004, the mogul that is Miss Honey took the ultimate risk and moved her family to Maryland, where she continued managing artists with talents across the spectrum, including actors, singers, DJs, emcees and more. Currently Miss Honey is the Personal Assistant Dre' Dinero, CEO of Starr Media Group, since 2008, but it doesn’t stop there. Honey wears many hats doing what its takes to let the world know about the NJ based group Trillogy. When she was Program Director of Deep Freeze Radio, she was responcible for five separate internet radio stations that are nationally broadcasted and ran Deep Freeze Promotions, a digital internet promotions network. And if that wasn’t enough she is on the Board of Directors for Caring for Others, a Baltimore based nonprofit organization that allows young adults to get a taste of the entertainment world. Helping others didn’t stop with her charitable work for families displaced from their home due to fires, and helping to cover funeral arrangements, Honey Management’s most recent nationally recognized project was the National Hip Hop 4 Haiti Talent Showcase, Food and Clothing Drive held on January 30, 2010. Honey’s community services have not gone unnoticed, she received the honor of being a part of the “Warriors Movement” created and led by the phenomenal artist and humanitarian Wyclef Jean and in October 2010 she became an Assistant Director of Communications for the Warrior DJs. Miss Honey’s continued drive to help those less fortunate has shown in her charity drives with Cherry LaLa and the creation of “MUSIC MAKING MAGIC”, a year round drive with a collaboration of managers, promoters and production teams in the entertainment industry.

www.HoneyManagement.net expanded when Miss Honey created The Commission of Independent Artists (The CIA), in which she helps bridge the gap between where independent artists are and where they need to be, offering reputable resources for artists to utilize for studio services (production, mixing, mastering), exposure, graphic design, artist development and more. In addition to The CIA, HM Radio was born, an indie radio station on www.SNN101.com. She has partnered up with Permiss of Grind Hard Radio to begin a nation wide "Hip Hop Cypher" tour which is just the beginning. With that “go-getter” mentality flowing through her veins Miss Honey Management will sure to dazzle us for many years to come.