Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who won the Bad Boy/YMCMB talent search in Woodbridge, Virginia?

On January 24th, 2012 Honey Management artist K.O.V.E. blessed the Water's Edge stage at the Bad Boy/YMCMB talent search in Woodbridge, Virginia.
Of the 22 artists to perform... K.O.V.E. took home the title of 1st place WINNER and I can guarentee it wasn't just because he received a standing ovation. 
This competition was judged by June Balloon (June Balloon Promotions / Cash Money Records / Bad Boy Ent.), DJ Alizay (Radio One’s 93.9 WKYS in Washington, D.C), Representatives from Universal and VH1! was in the building shooting footage for a pilot!!
The Examiner covered the event and this is what they had to say... (read article here)
When K.O.V.E. posted his achievement on his FB fan page he says, "...out of 20+ artists and I took first place. It was a blessing. Thank everyone for their support. You truly made the show that much better. Thank you... SUCCEEDN!!!"
Please be sure to download "SuperBowl BIG" and share it this weekend.
"Who Does It Better?"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan. 24th, 2012 HM Artist Kove at Waters Edge, Virginia

Date: Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
Time: 6pm
Venue: Waters Edge 13188 Marina Way Woodbridge, VA 22192
Door: $10
In Attendance: Kove XL, VH1, Universal, YMCMB, DJ Alizay
Twitter: @thatdudekove

((Listen to Kove's music by clicking the links below))


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hello, Hello, Hello.

It has been a minute and boy - oh - BOY has there been a lot going on, but I'm not going to bore you with all the little details ;) I will say HM Artists are STILL doing their thing... most in the studio, some ready to rip up a stage and all... putting out great music.

Honey Management has decided to work with a few other companies in this coming year and so far the union has been fantastic.

Here's a sneak peek:

First String Online

Street Vinyl Music

Cool V's Rated Next

Street Legal Entertainment

That should keep you busy for a lil while... I'll be back soon.

Until then,


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Friday, September 16, 2011

*****Range Say-Vior*****

I met this guy some time ago and I had no idea how talented he was. I just knew he had a sense of humor and a sense of style and later found out he has a talent for this thing we call Hip Hop.

I introduce to you... Range Say-Vior

A lot of people remember that defining moment when they fell in love with Hip Hop. Range a.k.a. Say-vior is no different. His moment was when he was a child growing up in Flatbush, NY.

His cousins introduced him to it in 1989, and the first song he memorized was “All For One” by Brand Nubian. The influence of Hip Hop pioneers Ralph McDaniels and the Native Tongues Rap crew, Say-vior solidified his dream of rapping. With other influences musically ranging from Minnie Ripperton to Canibus, Common to Stevie Wonder, along with the introduction by his mother to 1950’s and 1960’s Rhythm and Blues and Doo Wop and his father introducing him to 1970’s funk and Jazz. There is a wide range of diversity in his music.
Once he decided that he wanted to be a rapper, he had to come up with a name that would leave an impression. So, he figured that his love and knowledge for all aspects of the music business makes him a central point for others to be all of those aspects together, hence the name Range. Unfortunately though, there is an artist signed with Rocnation by the same name. Consequently, he went back to the drawing board.
He witnessed the Hip Hop culture lose its integrity and trade in morals for cars, clothes and cash, and he wanted to be an ambassador of sorts for Hip Hop as a culture and a genre. With this frame of mind, Say-vior was born.

While is career is still in its inception, there are definitely big things to come soon. With a goal of creating a platform for artists to be themselves without the burdens of the headaches associated with major labels.
Since that time, his first mixtape “Compliments of a Lyricist: Humble Beginnings” was released on 6/15/2010. His music can also be heard at, and

To collab, book, interview, feature Range Say-Vior


I am Honey of Honey Management and I APPROVE this message.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who are you REALLY??

Alright, Alright, Alright How y'all feel out there?

Great morning and blessings to all. There are few things on my mind as to why I had to update my usually informative, entertaining blog with the #HM #PSA.

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people that are in a lane they don't belong in. What do I mean? Let me explain.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably providing a service or trying to make a full time living out of being in the music industry as an artist so you understand the variety of people trying to find their place in hip hop as a "promoter", "magazine owner", "DJ", "radio host", "manager", "event host", "CEO", "A/R", etc. BUT, we all know that they are ALL not cut out for this business; not in the underground scene and fa damn sho not in main stream.

As a person, I do encourage individuals to try new things to figure out what suits them best but it seems like ery body and their momma wants to be some big music mogul... (oh yeh, I forgot "mogul" in my list above) and truth of the matter is, very few of these sorry ass people have no education, no etiquette, no common sense, no sense of style, no morals, no priciples, no good judgement of character, no respect of the english language, (these idiots have managed to even chop and screw ebonics! Let me continue...) no self respect (can I get an AMEN), no direction, no clue as to when enough is enough, and last but fa damn sho not least they have no notion of good music.

This is a small portion, in my opinion, as to why music is in the state it's in and why my artists... I mean why quality artists are having such difficulty seperating themselves from the proverbial "pack".

Let me continue...

If you worked ya butt off, hustled, whatever and saved enough money to buy a big house in a gated community, why on earth would you allow loud, rowdy, destructive, embarrassing, irresponsible people into the community without a fight? You wouldn't. So with that being said, how could you be so angry that the commercial music business changes their standards and requirements everytime the masses figure it out? You can't.

Now back to my original topic and I'm about to keep it all the way funky...

Y'all don't get it. Yes, you. 9 times out of 10 you (the reader) is in a lane you DON'T belong in. You have no natural talent, no schooling, no self taught foundation, and no blue blood running through your veins to even be next to, near, beside, or in this game.

You probably think you can type a word beside your name and *POOF* you become a new person. NO!!! Can I type Ph.D. after Honey and now I'm a f ckin' doctor?!?!?! Ummmm, NO! So, what makes you think you can be a CEO? Do you even know what it stands for? Exactly, you aren't 100% sure. That proves my point; Uneducated!

Ok, you read a newspaper insert that says Staples is selling Photoshop 50% off and you decide to invest. I'm not mad at you; I actually congratulate you. But where you go wrong is when you install the program, reboot and update your FB status and screen name to reflect that you are a graphics company now. Not to mention you O.D. and say you are the best in the game with the best rates. C'mon my dude/dudette... c'mon... no, really... C'MON!!!

Next, I want to reach out and scream on these "radio show hosts". Just because you create a blog talk account, or even if you have an intrernet radio show does NOT... I repeat, does NOT make you a radio personality. And further more, if you are a co-host, you are a CO host. You ride shotgun. You are second in line. You are a shadow. There are some 2nd rate people riding the hosts coat tail and claiming the hosts success. Whereas you don't have what it takes to fly solo. You are merely a supplement to the package and supplements help, but are not essential. Further more, a majority of the support received by the host is really for the host, you happen to catch scraps. SO, with that being said. Watch how you carry ya self because co-hosts have been known to be replaced if its for the better of the brand and lose sponsors. #IJS

Lastly, stop taking credit for other peoples work. Stop stalking peoples timelines and accounts and utilizing what they do and say for your own purposes as if to live a parellel world and emulate them. Its not cool. It makes you a fraud. Maybe if people accepted their place as fans, there would be a balance, a happy place where the music game could again be respected.

I'm not gonna continue. I'm sure you, (the reader) get my point. Hopefully this is an intervention to those who need it and a breath of fresh air to those who think as I do and agree with me.

Happy Labor Day manana...


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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet ----- That Dude Kove -----

The artist K.O.V.E. (pronounced "cuv") was born John Covington in the Bronx, New York. At a very young age John was introduced to music by his older brother Marlon. John took an immediate liking to the music he heard whether it was on the radio or emcees freestyling on the streets. John knew that being a lyrical genius is what he wanted to be at a young age.

While growing up in the Bronx, K.O.V.E. faced his share of hardships and troubles; even with his family, specifically his mother. K.O.V.E had to isolate himself, so he moved to Jersey City, New Jersey with his grandmother. Regardless of his family life and lifes challenges overwhelming him , being an emcee was still on his mind. After a few years in Jersey City, K.O.V.E. moved back to the Bronx with his mother and yet again, it just wasn't working out for him; being a victim of child-abuse he would be taken from his mother and put into the system.

While in the system all K.O.V.E. could think of is a better life for himself and when K.O.V.E.'s grandmother passed away and things had turned for the worst for him. Assuming the adult responcibilities; paying the bills and maintaining the apartment was too much for him to handle and he ended up leaving Jersey City behind and moving to Virginia at the age 16.

With all the negativity around him, he always had something positive in his life, HIP HOP. K.O.V.E. linked with local rappers in his new community and began to polish his craft. Before the age 19, K.O.V.E. joined the military and had the chance to begin a new lifestyle. While living in Iraq, K.O.V.E. was influenced by old skool rappers as well as the late great heavyweights "Tupac" and the "Notorius B.I.G." Inspired by life K.O.V.E. is here to share his life's experiences with the world through his music.
K.O.V.E. is going to make you dance, listen, and think with his hard hitting hits.

And now I introduce to you... The next big thing, K.O.V.E.

Artist: Kove

TweetMySong: "Superbowl BIG"


Facebook: Kove

Twitter: @ThatDudeKove

Reverbnation: Kove

YouTube Channel: Kove