Friday, September 16, 2011

*****Range Say-Vior*****

I met this guy some time ago and I had no idea how talented he was. I just knew he had a sense of humor and a sense of style and later found out he has a talent for this thing we call Hip Hop.

I introduce to you... Range Say-Vior

A lot of people remember that defining moment when they fell in love with Hip Hop. Range a.k.a. Say-vior is no different. His moment was when he was a child growing up in Flatbush, NY.

His cousins introduced him to it in 1989, and the first song he memorized was “All For One” by Brand Nubian. The influence of Hip Hop pioneers Ralph McDaniels and the Native Tongues Rap crew, Say-vior solidified his dream of rapping. With other influences musically ranging from Minnie Ripperton to Canibus, Common to Stevie Wonder, along with the introduction by his mother to 1950’s and 1960’s Rhythm and Blues and Doo Wop and his father introducing him to 1970’s funk and Jazz. There is a wide range of diversity in his music.
Once he decided that he wanted to be a rapper, he had to come up with a name that would leave an impression. So, he figured that his love and knowledge for all aspects of the music business makes him a central point for others to be all of those aspects together, hence the name Range. Unfortunately though, there is an artist signed with Rocnation by the same name. Consequently, he went back to the drawing board.
He witnessed the Hip Hop culture lose its integrity and trade in morals for cars, clothes and cash, and he wanted to be an ambassador of sorts for Hip Hop as a culture and a genre. With this frame of mind, Say-vior was born.

While is career is still in its inception, there are definitely big things to come soon. With a goal of creating a platform for artists to be themselves without the burdens of the headaches associated with major labels.
Since that time, his first mixtape “Compliments of a Lyricist: Humble Beginnings” was released on 6/15/2010. His music can also be heard at, and

To collab, book, interview, feature Range Say-Vior


I am Honey of Honey Management and I APPROVE this message.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who are you REALLY??

Alright, Alright, Alright How y'all feel out there?

Great morning and blessings to all. There are few things on my mind as to why I had to update my usually informative, entertaining blog with the #HM #PSA.

It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people that are in a lane they don't belong in. What do I mean? Let me explain.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably providing a service or trying to make a full time living out of being in the music industry as an artist so you understand the variety of people trying to find their place in hip hop as a "promoter", "magazine owner", "DJ", "radio host", "manager", "event host", "CEO", "A/R", etc. BUT, we all know that they are ALL not cut out for this business; not in the underground scene and fa damn sho not in main stream.

As a person, I do encourage individuals to try new things to figure out what suits them best but it seems like ery body and their momma wants to be some big music mogul... (oh yeh, I forgot "mogul" in my list above) and truth of the matter is, very few of these sorry ass people have no education, no etiquette, no common sense, no sense of style, no morals, no priciples, no good judgement of character, no respect of the english language, (these idiots have managed to even chop and screw ebonics! Let me continue...) no self respect (can I get an AMEN), no direction, no clue as to when enough is enough, and last but fa damn sho not least they have no notion of good music.

This is a small portion, in my opinion, as to why music is in the state it's in and why my artists... I mean why quality artists are having such difficulty seperating themselves from the proverbial "pack".

Let me continue...

If you worked ya butt off, hustled, whatever and saved enough money to buy a big house in a gated community, why on earth would you allow loud, rowdy, destructive, embarrassing, irresponsible people into the community without a fight? You wouldn't. So with that being said, how could you be so angry that the commercial music business changes their standards and requirements everytime the masses figure it out? You can't.

Now back to my original topic and I'm about to keep it all the way funky...

Y'all don't get it. Yes, you. 9 times out of 10 you (the reader) is in a lane you DON'T belong in. You have no natural talent, no schooling, no self taught foundation, and no blue blood running through your veins to even be next to, near, beside, or in this game.

You probably think you can type a word beside your name and *POOF* you become a new person. NO!!! Can I type Ph.D. after Honey and now I'm a f ckin' doctor?!?!?! Ummmm, NO! So, what makes you think you can be a CEO? Do you even know what it stands for? Exactly, you aren't 100% sure. That proves my point; Uneducated!

Ok, you read a newspaper insert that says Staples is selling Photoshop 50% off and you decide to invest. I'm not mad at you; I actually congratulate you. But where you go wrong is when you install the program, reboot and update your FB status and screen name to reflect that you are a graphics company now. Not to mention you O.D. and say you are the best in the game with the best rates. C'mon my dude/dudette... c'mon... no, really... C'MON!!!

Next, I want to reach out and scream on these "radio show hosts". Just because you create a blog talk account, or even if you have an intrernet radio show does NOT... I repeat, does NOT make you a radio personality. And further more, if you are a co-host, you are a CO host. You ride shotgun. You are second in line. You are a shadow. There are some 2nd rate people riding the hosts coat tail and claiming the hosts success. Whereas you don't have what it takes to fly solo. You are merely a supplement to the package and supplements help, but are not essential. Further more, a majority of the support received by the host is really for the host, you happen to catch scraps. SO, with that being said. Watch how you carry ya self because co-hosts have been known to be replaced if its for the better of the brand and lose sponsors. #IJS

Lastly, stop taking credit for other peoples work. Stop stalking peoples timelines and accounts and utilizing what they do and say for your own purposes as if to live a parellel world and emulate them. Its not cool. It makes you a fraud. Maybe if people accepted their place as fans, there would be a balance, a happy place where the music game could again be respected.

I'm not gonna continue. I'm sure you, (the reader) get my point. Hopefully this is an intervention to those who need it and a breath of fresh air to those who think as I do and agree with me.

Happy Labor Day manana...


check out my NEW roster -> HERE <-

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet ----- That Dude Kove -----

The artist K.O.V.E. (pronounced "cuv") was born John Covington in the Bronx, New York. At a very young age John was introduced to music by his older brother Marlon. John took an immediate liking to the music he heard whether it was on the radio or emcees freestyling on the streets. John knew that being a lyrical genius is what he wanted to be at a young age.

While growing up in the Bronx, K.O.V.E. faced his share of hardships and troubles; even with his family, specifically his mother. K.O.V.E had to isolate himself, so he moved to Jersey City, New Jersey with his grandmother. Regardless of his family life and lifes challenges overwhelming him , being an emcee was still on his mind. After a few years in Jersey City, K.O.V.E. moved back to the Bronx with his mother and yet again, it just wasn't working out for him; being a victim of child-abuse he would be taken from his mother and put into the system.

While in the system all K.O.V.E. could think of is a better life for himself and when K.O.V.E.'s grandmother passed away and things had turned for the worst for him. Assuming the adult responcibilities; paying the bills and maintaining the apartment was too much for him to handle and he ended up leaving Jersey City behind and moving to Virginia at the age 16.

With all the negativity around him, he always had something positive in his life, HIP HOP. K.O.V.E. linked with local rappers in his new community and began to polish his craft. Before the age 19, K.O.V.E. joined the military and had the chance to begin a new lifestyle. While living in Iraq, K.O.V.E. was influenced by old skool rappers as well as the late great heavyweights "Tupac" and the "Notorius B.I.G." Inspired by life K.O.V.E. is here to share his life's experiences with the world through his music.
K.O.V.E. is going to make you dance, listen, and think with his hard hitting hits.

And now I introduce to you... The next big thing, K.O.V.E.

Artist: Kove

TweetMySong: "Superbowl BIG"


Facebook: Kove

Twitter: @ThatDudeKove

Reverbnation: Kove

YouTube Channel: Kove

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Honey Management artist BI Bang nominated for 2011 UMA

 I would like to announce that Honey Management artist BI BANG has been nominated for the "Essence of Hip Hop' award via the Urban Threshold and the underground music community.

On July 11th, 2011, the public will be able to vote for the nominees of each category via online voting on Underground Music

The voting started July 11th and the voting process ends on August 11th 2011. >>>>vote for BI Bang (here)
1) This link to vote is smart phone as well as computer friendly
2) You can vote from different servers (ie different phones & computers)
3) You can vote ONCE PER DAY

The nominee who receives the most online votes will win for the category he/she is competing in.


Please remember to  (<<-- click here via smart phone or computer) for  in the "Essence of Hip Hop"  catagory (<--you can vote once a day, per computer)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Black Man's Guide 2 Understanding His Bit-- WOMAN

North Hollywood, Ca/Baltimore, Maryland - June 14, 2011:

REAL LOCKER ROOM TALK: My Black Man's Guide 2 Understanding His Bit-- WOMAN

With increased competition in the 'Relationship Guide' book wars, controversy is always needed. According to Comedian/Actor Greg Alexander, that is how he thinks it should be. He feels that the world could always use shock therapy every once and awhile. Greg's new book does just that, while keeping it 100% REAL TALK!!!

"Black Men will NEVER understand the complexity of the REAL woman, as long as we continuously refer to her as a bitch. As a whole, once we drop that aspect of thinking, then and only then can we begin breaking the stereotype, which has been created by the man side of society; regarding how women are often viewed by us. One main reason why you don't understand your woman is because you can be so STUPID!!! As a Black Man, you think you always know what your woman wants, needs and desires, when actually you really don't know shit. I can say these things to you, because I was a person who never took the time to ask my woman exactly what she wanted, needed or desired. Just like most of you, I assumed and just like most of you... I was wrong. I wrote this book for you, so that you will NOT make the same mistakes that I have made; regarding your current relationship. There is no secret that most Black Men will not listen to any advice their woman has to say, in order to better his relationship. However, those same men will listen to their brother (who has NOT had a healthy relationship in FOREVER) or a guy they met, while working out at the gym; both saying the same damn thing that your woman said to you before you left the house. Well, allow me to be that guy you just met. Take some of my advice and learn from the mistakes I made, before your girl leaves the house knocked kneed and returns to you bowlegged; from getting her hind parts tore up by Dick Long Stroke. If you get offended from the title of my book or will be offended by the content expressed in in my book, then you are more than likely the Black Man who I am speaking of. However, don't get mad at her. Step your game up or be mad at yourself... REAL TALK!!!"

To purchase your copy please contact 818-749-3260
 or email (Attention: Timothy Buttons)

As always, GREG ALEXANDER thanks you for your continued support!!!

Timothy Buttons
North Hollywood, CA/ Baltimore, MD

Greg Alexander - Actor/Comedian/CEO

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's been going on w/ Honey

Ok people. It's been a minute since I just logged on toshoot the breeze with you all... I mean hell, that's what blogging is REALLY supposed to be about.

Let's see, hmmmmmm.... well, I am now in Florida and I swear I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this (heat) and they have these HUGE roach lookin' things they call "Palmetto Bugs" kiss my ass! They are roaches... big, huge, .... anyway. Then I hear that mating season for alligators is soon approaching. My reply, "that's wussup". They reply, "so be cautious near any type of water (hundreds of lakes in Polk County)or brush; if they are mating or you come to close they will bite. And they can travel way off the immediate lake, pond, swamp coastline". I reply, "HUH?!?!?!" So now I'm thinking, what the hell is one to do in all this hot weather if you can't enjoy the natural habitat we are in?

This sucks.

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, business is great. I have been introduced toan ill ass promotional package that can actually promote an artist... How about that? lol

These packages consist of:

**Bronze** Package 1-
1. Mix tape hosting & recording,
2. File distribution to major site
(Datpiff, Mix tape pass, etc.)
3. 2 months Twitter/Facebook/Youtube promo (over 50k followers)
4. Interview on
5. Single consideration for on a DJ Smoove compilation album (emailed to 150k DJ`s and Radio programmers)
6. Remix or single consideration for Franchise Record pool
7. Mix tape graphics and track listing
8. Select singles played on blogs and internet radio (sites to be determined)
Package Total- $400.00

**Silver** Package 2-
(Same as Bronze package with 100 retail ready CD`s added)
Package Total- $600.00

**Gold** Package 3-
(Everything in the Bronze and Silver packages including)

1. 2 months artist consultation,
2. EPK creation (including bio and photo)
3. EPK emailed to A&Rs, labels and magazines
4. Personal website creation (wix)
5. Mp3 Email Blasts
6. site link with worldwrapfederation

Package Total- $1500.00

and before I go, my artists are doing their thing and they are all (individually) about to drop a project in the next month or two. (YEAH!!) If anyone reading this is looking for talent in the DMV area, Tri State area for shows, interviews, host or co-host, collabs... etc... they are most certainly available.

Honey Mgmt Artists as follows:
Sonny Brown
Dubbs Lane
Baltimore SON
BI Bang
DJ Bobby Steelz

And of course The Commission of Independent Artists is still doing its thing; helping artists step their game up andget prepared for whatever opportunities to come.

Before I get out of here, I want to sicerely thank all the DJs, bloggers, radio show hosts and venues that support Honey Management and my artists. We appreciate you.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Honey Management artist BI Bang "Get Close"

"Get Close" by my artist @BI_Bang ft @SoulRelle1
¤mp3 available by request¤

all inquires contact Honey Management
twitter: Honey

twitter: BI Bang

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



YOUTUBE CHANNEL (everything Trillogy)
Starr Media Group

"Ride Around Town"


• Feature artist on home page 20th May 2010

• MTV “Needle in the Haystack” Artist of the week May 10th 2010,
interview and free download of single “Ride Around Town.

• featured artists May 2010.
• Trillogy “The Future” features on MTV “Taking the Stage” episode #212

• YoRaps! interviews Trillogy on upcoming projects.
• Fever Magazine Feature.

• Debut Ustream show gains 500 viewers March 1st 2010.
• Released Love Life & Loyalty Vol 1 Mixtape January 2010 with 10,000

• Song of the week two times in a row on TJ Chapman Music Review.

• Featured in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine January 2010
• Featured on AOL music websites main page.

• Trillogy’s hit single “Warning” was chosen from millions to be one of
ten songs featured on Microsoft Windows myspace.

• 09’ UMA Award Winners for “Song of the Year” The Future.

• Featured on “NEXT 2 BLOW”
• Trillogy release “Warning” Music Video reaching 5000 views on Youtube & featured on,,
• Top 60 charts Masspool #4.
• Trillogy Release Hit Single “Warning” reaching 800 spins. and over
190,000 streams since 05/14 until present.
• Featured on the Breeding Ground
• Heater of the week 2 x.
• Trillogy’s Single Warning was the #1 song on Soundclick.
• Trillogy is on the front page of Serato new music listing.
• Featured live via the web on
• Trillogy work with Freeway on “Hustlers Life”.
• Freeway features with Trillogy on “We Made It”.
• Release of “The Future” via itunes Jan 08’.
• 08’ UMA Award Winners for “BEST HIP-HOP GROUP”.



Coming Up - Trillogy
Give Me Your Love - Trillogy
Polo Everything - Trillogy Featuring Doitall
Good Life - Trillogy
Ride Around Town - Trillogy
Crazy About You - Trillogy Featuring Doitall
Black Butter - Trillogy Featuring Nucci Reyo
Fake Friends - Trillogy
Winner - Trillogy
Show Off - Trillogy
Change - Trillogy

Contact Info:

Starr Media Group

Andre “Dre Dinero” Davis - 732 261 6065

Ron “Ronnie Knotts” Clark - 240 413 5144

Brad “Smallz” Small - +61 423 688 312


Monday, March 28, 2011

iVote Maryland “Express Your Voice, Vote Your Choice”

iVote Maryland Empowers Young Adults to Vote

Baltimore, Maryland- In the fall of 2010, Senator Larry Young of the popular 1010 WOLB, “The Larry Young Morning Show” and Konan, Radio personality of WERQ-92.3 gathered together other radio colleagues, media partners and musical talent to execute a Rock the Vote-style festival; a music concert to encourage young people to vote in the 2010 elections. Following the event and several meetings later,
iVote Maryland was conceived to accomplish the mission of motivating young adults to get out and vote.

The official iVote Maryland kick off event “Express Your Voice, Vote Your Choice”: Concert/After party will take place Wednesday March 30, 2011 from 7pm-2am at Bourbon Street

(316 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202)

The event will feature live performances by urban artists, an after party, on-site voter registration, special guest appearances by Radio One Personalities, elected officials and surprise celebrity guests. Advance tickets for $11 are available at Radio One office, 1705 Whitehead Rd, Gwynn Oak, MD 21207

The previous year event was attended by and received support from Congressman Elijah Cummings, Senator Catherine Pugh, and 12th District Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes. With voting numbers for constituents in the age group of 18-29 being at a all time low in the 2010 Gubernatorial mid-term elections iVote Maryland was created to let young people know that there vote does matter and the issues that are significant to the 18-29 year old constituents such as violence, education and jobs can be changed through the power of voting. iVote Maryland strives to bridge the gap between disenfranchised young adults and public officials. iVote Maryland will be the vehicle for the voices of young Maryland residents to make sure those concerns are heard by campaigning via town halls, community forums and other events. iVote Maryland is a non-partisan movement created to educate and empower young adults to exercise their right to vote; through the vehicles of activism, technology, and entertainment.

To find more information and join the movement visit

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I would like to introduce you to the hip hop/soul duo called "8orMas" which consist of the producer/MC called Eightsense and Singer/Songwriter Anonamas. Together they make up the group "8orMas". Please check out the bio and the music. Our single from the upcoming album is called "Feel it Here" and we have a video from our performance in Osaka Japan for one of other song called "Lykings".

Group Name: 8orMas
Album: Warm Tones
Single: Feel It Here
Video: Song called "Lykings"
Twitter: 8orMas

Friday, February 25, 2011


Some people have the ability to overcome any obstacle sent their way, rap artist B.I Bang has proven to be one of those people. Born Kerwin Williams in Jersey City NJ, B.I has lost 2 sisters a father and is a living testimony of heart and determination.

The youngest child of 9, father a Black Seal Mechanic worked very long hours everyday of his life. This is where the work ethic B.I has taken on comes from. Mom was a stay at home mother raising 6 sons gave B.I the spiritual up bringing that many kids in the inner city lacked.

In school B.I was a standout student always getting good grades and played sports. Always the creative writer with an imagination the was shown in school plays and church plays. Sports was great to B.I receiving a partial scholarship to Delaware State University where he met artist Sha Stimuli, and Editor of XXL Bonsu Thompson, while in college B.I had a reputation as an enforcer known for knocking people out in fights.

After college B.I began selling and transporting drugs for local gang Deuce Life and that's where he begun to spit bars in public after seeing his college peers had a huge love for it. An old high school friend Shy Money formally of Dream Team invited B.I to the studio now the urban legend begins this was in 2005.
Sadly Shy Money sick and couldn't record so B.I was introduce to an up and coming engineer Gorilla Dee of 240 Ent. This is where He recorded his first ever mixtape" The Whole Fucking Show" instant classic on the streets of Jersey City which was followed by "The After Party" recorded at Marvel Studios hosted by Megatron of Hot 97 and 106 and Park.

Then introduced to Regg Roc suddenly B.I was put to the test amongst NYC top rap artist at Don Hills on an late Spring night.With people like Remo da Rap Star and Joell Ortiz in the building with Don Demarco spinning. B.I out blew away the
2007 NYC Sucka Free Crowd and also made appearances on Shade 45 G-Unit Radio and Desert Storm Shit Like That Radio. What was suppose to be a coming out party for B.I on Shade 45 was the total opposite he suffered a mild stroke on air with millions listening. Sidelined from the hiphop scene during the same year B.I lost his father.

On an emotional rollercoaster B.I used his pen and paper to express his feelings into song. Which caught the eye of Khemba Matlock of StreetsD who signed B.I to StreetD in charge of managing and promotions. Also B.I signed the young up and coming Publicist Kornecia Antoine.

Cold Killa
ft. Soul Relle
starring La Femme Nikita

Now back with vengeance a laid back aggressive flow and witty hooks B.I Bang is on verge of becoming an elite artist. 2010 has proved to be a bounce back year, with an appearance on Hate Money Radio and Break Thru Radio.

Now working with King Malik at Da Furnance Ent, this has given B.I the sound he has been looking for. Stay tuned as the road B.I is on will lead him up the charts be sure to join him on this ride.




Friday, February 18, 2011

Street Vinyl Music - Presents "The Beats"

Hey people!!!

Guess what I have for YOU!?

My associates over at Street Vinyl Music offer this to those artists that are SERIOUS. Yep, emcees or singers alike. Take a gander and tell me that this sh!t right here.... ah, man... yeh, uh huh... I will say you'r welcome now ;)

Any questions, feel free to hit SVM up and I will holla at y'all soon.

The Beats is an instrumental compilation of 15 Hip Hop and R&B tracks produced by the Street Vinyl Music team. This is our way of supporting independent artists for getting up every day and grinding hard! Each track can be downloaded for $.99 or the entire album for $9.99.

We as producers, managers, agents, DJs, writers, and artists know how tough that road to stardom can be! Long nights at the studio, passing out samples at concerts, kicking down doors and being escorted out by security. This project is for those that refuse to take no for an answer.

Our submission mailbox is constantly filled with music from indie artists wanting to make it big in the music industry or are just looking for a break. Most of them cant afford our standard rates and don't have the resources to make it happen on their own. In most cases we refer them to managers or coaches to help them get prepared and ready for battle. In conjunction with your guidance and leadership, we will be able to give them what they need to take their careers to the next level.

We’re making it easier for indie artists get quality production for less than a cup of coffee. Artists will be able to use these tracks for mixtapes, demos and various other projects. If they like the samples, they can download and start writing. We can't make it any easier that that! No gimmicks! No Tricks! Feel free to forward this link to any artists you think could benefit from this project.


Writers will be able to use the tracks as well. Especially if they are having trouble being inspired, this project should come in quite handy. Sometimes all it takes is the right instrumental track to get the creative juices flowing again.

Please feel free to contact me if there are questions or concerns.

Thanks again for your time and dedication.



Maurice "Moetivation" Kinlaw
Sales & Marketing Director
Street Vinyl Music LLC
The Fountain of Youth for Hip Hop and R&B!
Changing the way the world listens to music!

Official website:
click website

Twitter: @streetvinyl & @streetvinylnews @SVMPhilippines @SVM_Germany @svm_promo

Myspace: click MySpace

Blog: click Blog

FaceBook: click FaceBook

click YouTube

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HM Radio volume 2

I would like to invite you to download the latest edition of HM Radio 2.

HM Radio series is compiled, promoted & dedicated to the talented artists via my inbox. This series is FREE of charge to the artists and promoted FREE of charge as my contribution to the efforts of saving Hip Hop.

Please enjoy.

Click below to download one of THE hottest Independent compilations OUT!!
NO DJ hosting, NO drops, NO frills (as to focus solely on the talent)

HM Radio volume 2

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Introducing.... Dazia Renee

Dazia Renee has just begun her journey in modeling only a few short months ago and I very focused on success. She is 19 years old and currently resides in Charlotte, NC but travels the East Coast frequently so assignments from Boston to Florida are easy to accomodate. Dazia Renee is obtaining the experience to build her portfolio as each day passes and is open to discuss opportunities. From my personal opinion, Dazia Renee is a sweet, intelligent, humble person to work with and I see this year as a productive and successful one.


*Please be respectful when corresponding with any models, clients, features on my site*

Monday, January 3, 2011

"Why is January 1st...?"

Happy New Year and thank you for logging in!

First, I would like to express my appreciation for everyone that has helped Honey Management to blossom into the company that it is and for helping me to assist independent artists to create better music and get their music out into the 'masses'. Our efforts will help to perpetuate my dream of making #IndieMusic the new MAJOR.

Next, I want to give words of encouragement to everyone out there striving to achieve larger than life goals... simply put YOU-CAN-DO-ANYTHING!!! Nothing can stop you from getting to where you need to be except death. Write down your goal/end result, write down the steps you need to take to get there, write down the people you wish to assist you, and give your self a reasonable amount of time to execute. DO NOT let the negaative people in your circle, not even to brag... they will consume your positivity and leave you without the strength to travel the journey towards success.
--->the way to spot a negative individual: * attacking your ideas WITHOUT a solution or possible solution * pointing out everything bad that could happen WITHOUT visiting the good that can come out of it * discouraging you from trying * offering to help and then refusing to follow original game plan... as if to slow down progress.
IF you should encounter a situation of a similar nature, do NOT hesitate to dismiss said person ITS THEM... OR YOUR DREAM!! You decide.

Now. My REAL purpose for this entry is to skim the subject of "Why is January 1st..."
...the starting point of some HUGE takeover?
...when people quote scripture every morning as a social network salutation?
...the day when people get on their soapbox of what they WON'T do/WON'T tolerate only to do it January 8th
...the day when people swear their network is the illest, most ferocious squad EVER.

Can we be for real? Nothing has changed in 24 hours. NO-THING! So stop it! Just keep doing what you do, work hard, stay true and it will happen on its own. Broadcasting your testimony won't make us believe you... YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!

For all of you that have been a$$holes the past 11 3/4 months, changing now won't help you. You will be tolerated as a form of amusement, but we will not support you. So you are better off finding another line of work.

Next, please stop with the CEO, mogul bullsh!t. Most of us are on a daily struggle to keep a stack in the bank and trust me, REAL CEOs and moguls don't have those problems. Again, just keep doing what you do, work hard, stay true and it will happen on its own.

Last, cut throat, two faced, back stabbing behavior will NOT be tolerated. Those that offend in this manner will be BLACK LISTED, BLACK BALLED... what ever you wanna call it. There is a code of honor and it will be respected or you will be ejected!

So in a nutshell, you must do business in the manner in which the masses will tolerate and accept. PERIOD. We are a democracy and there are 6 degrees of seperation and you will be found out for better or for worse.

I am Honey Management... and I approve this message.

until next time,