Friday, September 16, 2011

*****Range Say-Vior*****

I met this guy some time ago and I had no idea how talented he was. I just knew he had a sense of humor and a sense of style and later found out he has a talent for this thing we call Hip Hop.

I introduce to you... Range Say-Vior

A lot of people remember that defining moment when they fell in love with Hip Hop. Range a.k.a. Say-vior is no different. His moment was when he was a child growing up in Flatbush, NY.

His cousins introduced him to it in 1989, and the first song he memorized was “All For One” by Brand Nubian. The influence of Hip Hop pioneers Ralph McDaniels and the Native Tongues Rap crew, Say-vior solidified his dream of rapping. With other influences musically ranging from Minnie Ripperton to Canibus, Common to Stevie Wonder, along with the introduction by his mother to 1950’s and 1960’s Rhythm and Blues and Doo Wop and his father introducing him to 1970’s funk and Jazz. There is a wide range of diversity in his music.
Once he decided that he wanted to be a rapper, he had to come up with a name that would leave an impression. So, he figured that his love and knowledge for all aspects of the music business makes him a central point for others to be all of those aspects together, hence the name Range. Unfortunately though, there is an artist signed with Rocnation by the same name. Consequently, he went back to the drawing board.
He witnessed the Hip Hop culture lose its integrity and trade in morals for cars, clothes and cash, and he wanted to be an ambassador of sorts for Hip Hop as a culture and a genre. With this frame of mind, Say-vior was born.

While is career is still in its inception, there are definitely big things to come soon. With a goal of creating a platform for artists to be themselves without the burdens of the headaches associated with major labels.
Since that time, his first mixtape “Compliments of a Lyricist: Humble Beginnings” was released on 6/15/2010. His music can also be heard at, and

To collab, book, interview, feature Range Say-Vior


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