Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet ----- That Dude Kove -----

The artist K.O.V.E. (pronounced "cuv") was born John Covington in the Bronx, New York. At a very young age John was introduced to music by his older brother Marlon. John took an immediate liking to the music he heard whether it was on the radio or emcees freestyling on the streets. John knew that being a lyrical genius is what he wanted to be at a young age.

While growing up in the Bronx, K.O.V.E. faced his share of hardships and troubles; even with his family, specifically his mother. K.O.V.E had to isolate himself, so he moved to Jersey City, New Jersey with his grandmother. Regardless of his family life and lifes challenges overwhelming him , being an emcee was still on his mind. After a few years in Jersey City, K.O.V.E. moved back to the Bronx with his mother and yet again, it just wasn't working out for him; being a victim of child-abuse he would be taken from his mother and put into the system.

While in the system all K.O.V.E. could think of is a better life for himself and when K.O.V.E.'s grandmother passed away and things had turned for the worst for him. Assuming the adult responcibilities; paying the bills and maintaining the apartment was too much for him to handle and he ended up leaving Jersey City behind and moving to Virginia at the age 16.

With all the negativity around him, he always had something positive in his life, HIP HOP. K.O.V.E. linked with local rappers in his new community and began to polish his craft. Before the age 19, K.O.V.E. joined the military and had the chance to begin a new lifestyle. While living in Iraq, K.O.V.E. was influenced by old skool rappers as well as the late great heavyweights "Tupac" and the "Notorius B.I.G." Inspired by life K.O.V.E. is here to share his life's experiences with the world through his music.
K.O.V.E. is going to make you dance, listen, and think with his hard hitting hits.

And now I introduce to you... The next big thing, K.O.V.E.

Artist: Kove

TweetMySong: "Superbowl BIG"


Facebook: Kove

Twitter: @ThatDudeKove

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