Friday, November 26, 2010

Day AFTER Thanksgiving

Good Morning people! Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. One thing I noticed yesterday morning is the excessive traffic of spiritual blessings and by night fall, people were just as vulgar, horny and as obnoxious as could be. All I can do is smh because I take people as serious as the words they speak/type. So if you are prone to posting scriptures in the morning and by midday your posting that you "are too 'big' for the toilet" because you "touched the water a lil bit" and by night fall you asking "who got smoke" Im not gonna reach out to you, take you seriously or ever listen to your project.

In the midst of the social network holiday exchange of pleasantries, I saw a few people taking the opportunity to reach out to people regardless of it being a holiday. That, to me, was a good look. WHY? Because they weren't soliciting "Yo, I got this hot new CD on CD Baby" or "Come to the flyest Industry Party on the east coast", they were actually communicating w/ people and building relationships *KUDOS* if that was you. I also had a few DJs reach out to be on my #IndieMusic Distribution list (which is a select few per week), I thank the DJs for that.

That brings up to today, Black Friday and although the sales are fantastic, I refuse to go out in that foolishness <--(inside joke) So I am here, typing to you all and answering a flood of emails and The Commission inquiries. Dag, I did say we would discuss The Commission, didn't I? Well, in the meantime, its on www.HoneyManagement.NET and if you gimmie a few hours to take care of a few things, I'll get back to you all a lil bit later.

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