Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hip Hop Cypher DC Edition - Immaculate You Capitol Heights, MD

Yesterday was great!
Not only was the owner of Immaculate You accomodating, but my PIC (Partner In Crime) Permiss a great host and DJ Bobby Steelz killing the turntables (as usual) but, the emcees came out, got on the mic not once, not twice, but THREE times because each round the rooms' intensity seemed to increase just a lil bit more. Unfortunately 4 hours passed quickly and we had to go, but everyone got a chance to exchange info and invite each other to shows and collabs.

I really want to say that regardless to the state of Hip Hop on a mainstream level, the 'Underground' Hip Hop scene may fade if people remain complacent, but CAN'T die if someone, anyone still believes and puts a plan into action to keep a lil blood flowing through the veins of the music that so many of us love.

Stay tuned for the footage (compliments of Street Smart Magazine) and for the Jersey Edition at the top of the year.

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