Monday, December 20, 2010

Commission of Independent Artists aka The Commission aka The C.I.A.

Commission of Independent Artists aka The Commission aka The C.I.A. is an organization for all genres, talents & ethnicities where we recognize that each artist is an individual and that all artists deserve the opportunity to succeed but often lack the tools (knowledge) to excel. With that in mind,
Commission of Independent Artists was born. With the intention to provide independent artists (Individual and groups alike) with a bridge between where they are and where they have potential to be via providing a central location (if located in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area or via online if not) for Indie Artists to congregate and fraternize to exchange positive ideas & feedback and receive a variety of opportunities ordinarily unknown to them.
Commission of Independent Artists is a network of media entities that submit opportunities for artists to utilize as a way of getting more exposure, experience, and education about the music industry locally and nationally. Our goal is to help the independent artist build a foundation to level the playing field with other independent artists. We show artists to become better at what they do and teach them to be a business and how to protect their 'product'.

A few amenities of what membership offers to the Independent Artist:
*Industry Conference Calls
*Listening Sessions
*Notification of Coming Events (conferences, open mics, tours, competitions)
*Assistance with Planning & Organization of Release Parties
*Project Review
*Referrals to:
* Producers * Graphic Designers * Printers * Web Designers * Singers * Songwriters * Management * Videographers * Photographers * DJ mixtape hosting * Distribution * EPK Writers * Engineers * Interview Opportunities * Recording Studios etc.
By definition:
Commission - a select group of persons assigned to consider or take action on some matter
Independent - not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself:
Artist - a person who works in one of the performing arts, as an actor, musician, or singer; a public performer: a mime artist
*Membership is $40 per month per artist individual (enroll before January 2011 to recieve a significant discount)
Please submit your inquiry of interest to

In order for each member of a group to receive services of The CIA, each member of the group must enroll and receive a membership number. Thereafter, you will be acknowledged as a member of The CIA.
As a member of The CIA, you must agree to-
Protect your image, character, associations, business dealings & conduct business as such
Abide and honor the confidentiality agreement provided by The CIA
Be respectful of yourself, your peers, other members, service providers, etc
You MAY discontinue your membership with The CIA at anytime WITHOUT penalty of financial obligations HOWEVER, once you are no longer a member of The CIA, the benefits, preferential treatment and / or discount of services from our service providers may or may NOT be available to you.
You may also apply for membership again at a later date WITHOUT penalty
The CIA reserves the right to relieve you and / or your group as a whole at anytime if the guidelines in this agreement have not been met or have NOT been followed.
The Service Providers that are referred to The CIA members are NOT employees of Honey Management OR The CIA, they are independent service providers in which The CIA acknowledged to perform fair business practices, great work, expeditious services and / or willing to offer discounted rates for The CIA members exclusively.
The CIA membership does NOT assume the position of management, representation or its likeness. (The CIA can actually be utilized as a supplement to your current management.)
Guarantee any specific results or success of the artists career
Any problems that may arise are solely between the service provider and The CIA member. However, if we can assist in the resolution of the disagreement/problem, by simply submitting the problem in a brief yet descriptive email, we will attempt to do so.
The CIAs success is strongly reliant on the professionalism of the Service Providers and if they are found guilty of not providing the services agreed upon, action will be taken to ensure the success of all parties involved.

FINAL MESSAGE: Any company to model the services of The Commission of Independent Artists can not guarentee the satisfction/success that we can. The Commssion of Independent Artists not only is a family, but our service providers grow as our clientelle grows. Why? Because we cosign and promote talented people and we all work together for a common goal. GOOD MUSIC.

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