Friday, December 17, 2010


This isn't your usual post of who's beefing with who. This is my own personal outlook on all the silly. childish ways of people I have come across as well as stories I have heard.
FIRST of all, if you have a problem with someone you need to really dig deep as to WHY. Is it a valid reason? Does it effect you or your lifestyle? If so, how so and were you the cause of this 'situation'? Can it effect you long term or was it a phuck up on your part OR did you simply get caught 'sleeping"on the job. If you can fix it, do so. If not, GET A PHUCKIN GRIP!
SECOND, don't spread gossip, rumors or heresay because one or more of many actions can happen... as follows:
The object of your 'problem' may find out; then what are you gonna do?or better yet, what will THEY do?
People may take you as childish and not want to work with you.
People may see you are WEAK and prey off of you (hmph, for whatever THAT is worth)
The list of outcomes may vary and may be dangerous to your health and /or your "profession".

But I ask the feable individuals who are the sorry azz gossip mongers,what is the reason you talk sh!t about people you idolize?... I mean have a problem with. What are you hoping to achieve besides an embarrassing public display of your worthlessness?... I mean a confrontation. If you can't handle the impact of what they do when they don't even know you exsist,how in the Sam Dickens could you handle a direct assault? Straight foolishness (I love that word)

Anyway, for those that have a problem with me, my associates, my associates neighbors, the store I brought my coffee from, my favorite color orange, the toilet paper I used most recently, or the oh-so-sweet taste of HONEY... (yeh, you're mad now ain't ya? LMAO) Blame your parents for making an individual such as yourself and seek therapy.

All other supporters of HM, HM Radio, The Commission of Independent Artists, The Hip Hop Cypher or any of my affiliates *dap* thanks, I see you and I appreciate you.

Chat with you soon and Stay Sweet,

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