Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Black Man's Guide 2 Understanding His Bit-- WOMAN

North Hollywood, Ca/Baltimore, Maryland - June 14, 2011:

REAL LOCKER ROOM TALK: My Black Man's Guide 2 Understanding His Bit-- WOMAN

With increased competition in the 'Relationship Guide' book wars, controversy is always needed. According to Comedian/Actor Greg Alexander, that is how he thinks it should be. He feels that the world could always use shock therapy every once and awhile. Greg's new book does just that, while keeping it 100% REAL TALK!!!

"Black Men will NEVER understand the complexity of the REAL woman, as long as we continuously refer to her as a bitch. As a whole, once we drop that aspect of thinking, then and only then can we begin breaking the stereotype, which has been created by the man side of society; regarding how women are often viewed by us. One main reason why you don't understand your woman is because you can be so STUPID!!! As a Black Man, you think you always know what your woman wants, needs and desires, when actually you really don't know shit. I can say these things to you, because I was a person who never took the time to ask my woman exactly what she wanted, needed or desired. Just like most of you, I assumed and just like most of you... I was wrong. I wrote this book for you, so that you will NOT make the same mistakes that I have made; regarding your current relationship. There is no secret that most Black Men will not listen to any advice their woman has to say, in order to better his relationship. However, those same men will listen to their brother (who has NOT had a healthy relationship in FOREVER) or a guy they met, while working out at the gym; both saying the same damn thing that your woman said to you before you left the house. Well, allow me to be that guy you just met. Take some of my advice and learn from the mistakes I made, before your girl leaves the house knocked kneed and returns to you bowlegged; from getting her hind parts tore up by Dick Long Stroke. If you get offended from the title of my book or will be offended by the content expressed in in my book, then you are more than likely the Black Man who I am speaking of. However, don't get mad at her. Step your game up or be mad at yourself... REAL TALK!!!"

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Timothy Buttons
North Hollywood, CA/ Baltimore, MD

Greg Alexander - Actor/Comedian/CEO

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