Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's been going on w/ Honey

Ok people. It's been a minute since I just logged on toshoot the breeze with you all... I mean hell, that's what blogging is REALLY supposed to be about.

Let's see, hmmmmmm.... well, I am now in Florida and I swear I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this (heat) and they have these HUGE roach lookin' things they call "Palmetto Bugs" kiss my ass! They are roaches... big, huge, .... anyway. Then I hear that mating season for alligators is soon approaching. My reply, "that's wussup". They reply, "so be cautious near any type of water (hundreds of lakes in Polk County)or brush; if they are mating or you come to close they will bite. And they can travel way off the immediate lake, pond, swamp coastline". I reply, "HUH?!?!?!" So now I'm thinking, what the hell is one to do in all this hot weather if you can't enjoy the natural habitat we are in?

This sucks.

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, business is great. I have been introduced toan ill ass promotional package that can actually promote an artist... How about that? lol

These packages consist of:

**Bronze** Package 1-
1. Mix tape hosting & recording,
2. File distribution to major site
(Datpiff, Mix tape pass, etc.)
3. 2 months Twitter/Facebook/Youtube promo (over 50k followers)
4. Interview on
5. Single consideration for on a DJ Smoove compilation album (emailed to 150k DJ`s and Radio programmers)
6. Remix or single consideration for Franchise Record pool
7. Mix tape graphics and track listing
8. Select singles played on blogs and internet radio (sites to be determined)
Package Total- $400.00

**Silver** Package 2-
(Same as Bronze package with 100 retail ready CD`s added)
Package Total- $600.00

**Gold** Package 3-
(Everything in the Bronze and Silver packages including)

1. 2 months artist consultation,
2. EPK creation (including bio and photo)
3. EPK emailed to A&Rs, labels and magazines
4. Personal website creation (wix)
5. Mp3 Email Blasts
6. site link with worldwrapfederation

Package Total- $1500.00

and before I go, my artists are doing their thing and they are all (individually) about to drop a project in the next month or two. (YEAH!!) If anyone reading this is looking for talent in the DMV area, Tri State area for shows, interviews, host or co-host, collabs... etc... they are most certainly available.

Honey Mgmt Artists as follows:
Sonny Brown
Dubbs Lane
Baltimore SON
BI Bang
DJ Bobby Steelz

And of course The Commission of Independent Artists is still doing its thing; helping artists step their game up andget prepared for whatever opportunities to come.

Before I get out of here, I want to sicerely thank all the DJs, bloggers, radio show hosts and venues that support Honey Management and my artists. We appreciate you.


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