Monday, January 3, 2011

"Why is January 1st...?"

Happy New Year and thank you for logging in!

First, I would like to express my appreciation for everyone that has helped Honey Management to blossom into the company that it is and for helping me to assist independent artists to create better music and get their music out into the 'masses'. Our efforts will help to perpetuate my dream of making #IndieMusic the new MAJOR.

Next, I want to give words of encouragement to everyone out there striving to achieve larger than life goals... simply put YOU-CAN-DO-ANYTHING!!! Nothing can stop you from getting to where you need to be except death. Write down your goal/end result, write down the steps you need to take to get there, write down the people you wish to assist you, and give your self a reasonable amount of time to execute. DO NOT let the negaative people in your circle, not even to brag... they will consume your positivity and leave you without the strength to travel the journey towards success.
--->the way to spot a negative individual: * attacking your ideas WITHOUT a solution or possible solution * pointing out everything bad that could happen WITHOUT visiting the good that can come out of it * discouraging you from trying * offering to help and then refusing to follow original game plan... as if to slow down progress.
IF you should encounter a situation of a similar nature, do NOT hesitate to dismiss said person ITS THEM... OR YOUR DREAM!! You decide.

Now. My REAL purpose for this entry is to skim the subject of "Why is January 1st..."
...the starting point of some HUGE takeover?
...when people quote scripture every morning as a social network salutation?
...the day when people get on their soapbox of what they WON'T do/WON'T tolerate only to do it January 8th
...the day when people swear their network is the illest, most ferocious squad EVER.

Can we be for real? Nothing has changed in 24 hours. NO-THING! So stop it! Just keep doing what you do, work hard, stay true and it will happen on its own. Broadcasting your testimony won't make us believe you... YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!

For all of you that have been a$$holes the past 11 3/4 months, changing now won't help you. You will be tolerated as a form of amusement, but we will not support you. So you are better off finding another line of work.

Next, please stop with the CEO, mogul bullsh!t. Most of us are on a daily struggle to keep a stack in the bank and trust me, REAL CEOs and moguls don't have those problems. Again, just keep doing what you do, work hard, stay true and it will happen on its own.

Last, cut throat, two faced, back stabbing behavior will NOT be tolerated. Those that offend in this manner will be BLACK LISTED, BLACK BALLED... what ever you wanna call it. There is a code of honor and it will be respected or you will be ejected!

So in a nutshell, you must do business in the manner in which the masses will tolerate and accept. PERIOD. We are a democracy and there are 6 degrees of seperation and you will be found out for better or for worse.

I am Honey Management... and I approve this message.

until next time,

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